Sian de Vries


Artist Sian de Vries was born in The Netherlands, where she spent the first part of her life. She earned a Law degree from Leiden University and practised law for several years in The Hague before moving abroad with her family. After having lived in Montreal, Brussels, Bucharest and Madrid, Sian decided to settle in Calgary.

Sian has always had a deep interest in the art of painting and drawing. During her years abroad she took a variety of art courses, exploring different styles of media and techniques. Encouraged by her children to pursue her passion for the Arts, Sian took up the studies of Fine Arts with a major in painting. She finished her Bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2015 at the Alberta College for Art and Design.

Sian’s works are often created around personal life experiences, balancing feelings and emotions with life wisdom. Vibrant colours, dark and bright, are combined with rough and smooth textures representing the opposing aspects of Life. She likes to play with the technique of collage, and she enjoys incorporating different materials, such as string, jute, pattern paper and leather with paint.

Currently, Sian works from her home-based studio.