Sian de Vries

Artist Statement

Living Life: Transitions and Transformations - these words describe the essence of my work. Being young – one’s heart full of ideals and one’s mind full of expectations – a person forms a clear idea of how he- or she - wants his life to unfold, and he will set out toward realizing this plan. However, moving along the journey, he will encounter inevitably multiple challenges and unforeseen changes. These will come in many different ways and will cause a sense of loss: loss of one’s youth, one’s parents, one’s friends, one’s relationship, one’s career, and many other different kinds of losses one cannot even think of at the moment.

Every person will have to face and cope with loss during one’s lifetime. Living through theses “losses” is essentially Living Life at its fullest. Each wrinkle means more wisdom, each relationship brings more understanding of oneself, each challenge in time means a transition to something fuller, each change brings a transformation into something richer – one finds a new purpose, one focuses on a new goal.

The theme of “Loss without Losing It” plays a significant role in my art work. As I progress with each piece, I feel that I am uncovering a clue to my life and reclaiming a piece of myself. In the process of creating my art work, I am restoring a sense of completion to a chapter or vignette of my life. This is a very personal and subjective journey, although universal at the same time. Through my work I hope to inspire other people to reclaim their sense of self and find a balance in their own life stories.